Our Launch Weekend!

Our Launch Weekend!

Social Socks opened its virtual doors on June 10th and then headed to Tynemouth Market on June 11th and 12th for the launch weekend.

Ten months of hard work behind the scenes, bringing a vision to reality, came true on Friday 10th of June. Seeing customers on the website and checking out was a nervous yet exciting time. Then at the weekend, having the opportunity to talk face to face and bring the vision to life was fantastic and why I started this journey. To provide a way to give back, highlight and educate the climate crisis that we are suffering and ultimately ensure our kids and their kids have the same opportunities as we enjoy today.  

The weekend was a huge success, with 16 trees planted, which in turn helps reduce greenhouse gases and provides jobs to the local communities involved in the projects. Also, we raised £32.29 for WWF UK in just one weekend. This will help with projects such as paying for a blood sample from a polar bear in Svalbard, providing scientists with the hard facts they need to persuade governments to reduce pollution and tackle climate change, and enough to also pay for a local community-based anti-poaching patrol member to spend one day in the field protecting the panda habitat.

The vision of our journey is being able to achieve all of this from customers purchasing a pair of socks. We aim to tackle global sustainability and the climate crisis affecting wildlife and animal species. If those customers had bought their socks in their usual fashion, none of this would have been possible, so it's time we change how we shop, time to change how we use single-use plastics and start thinking of the future.



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