Planting Trees With Every Order

Planting Trees With Every Order

Seeing the world is in a climate crisis, we wanted to create a business model that would help support and reduce the problem. One of these problems is carbon emissions/greenhouse gases. With every sale at Social Socks, we plant a tree to take action and become climate positive.


After researching many environmental organisations, Ecologi's vision and message aligned with ours. It allowed us to take action with every sale and promote that the world needs our support more than ever. You can find out more about Ecologi here.  

It shows clearly the trees that have been planted and where, not only planting trees but also funding carbon offsetting projects, which again you can see where these projects are taken part and how much of an impact they are having. This allows us to set clear goals and keep a visual eye on our own forest page's progress, which can be found here


So help today by funding a project and becoming Climate Positive.

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