Proud To Support WWF-UK

Proud To Support WWF-UK

When setting up the business, one of the core values was giving back to charity to enable them to carry on the great work they do and, at the same time, raise awareness. So with every sale made, 10% of the total sale is donated to WWF-UK via Work For Good. You can check out our charity profile here.


WWF-UK was a perfect choice. They are on a mission to help protect the planet we call home through several different projects and campaigns. You can find out more about what they do here.  

Our planet needs help. Through raising funds on behalf of WWF-UK, we hope that Social Socks and our customers can help make a difference. Your support is critical, "We need everyone to be part of the solution – whether you become a member, add your voice to our campaigns, make changes in your lifestyle, pour your energy into a fundraising challenge with Team Panda, or share your concerns with your friends and followers. Together we can create a global movement of people who will fight for our world. For wildlife, for people, for nature. WWF. For Your World."


Together we can create a global movement who will restore nature to its glorious best.

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