The Journey So Far

The Journey So Far

June 2022 marked the beginning of an incredible journey for Social Socks, and as we reflect on the path we've walked, it's heartening to see the impact we've made together. From the roots of our launch, we've grown into a community dedicated to making a positive change one step at a time.

In just a short span, we've accomplished milestones that fill us with pride. Thanks to your support, we've planted nearly 1,400 trees, prevented over 8 tonnes of carbon emissions through 12 verified carbon avoidance projects, and contributed to various charities like WWF-UK, Tommy's, Us Active, and more. Your purchases have transformed into tangible projects that address social and environmental challenges, leaving a lasting impact.

Our story has been written not just on our socks but also in the pages of local and national magazines, including Living North, The Guardian, and Country Living. These features have allowed us to share our mission with a broader audience, spreading awareness about the power of conscious consumerism and the positive change it can bring.

Engaging with you, our incredible customers, has been one of the most rewarding aspects of our journey. From Christmas fairs in Newcastle to sustainability events in London, meeting you face-to-face has been a joy. Your enthusiasm and support have fuelled our passion, inspiring us to keep pushing boundaries and expanding our offerings.

From starting with 8 colours in the classic collection, we've now grown to offer 16 colours across 2 collections: Classic and Collaboration. And there's more to come! Our commitment to raising awareness around social and environmental issues remains steadfast, and we have numerous designs in the pipeline to support this cause.

But none of this would be possible without you—our valued customers. Your reviews, feedback, and the over 120 five-star reviews we've received are a testament to the positive impact we're making together. Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey and for choosing Social Socks as your conscious choice.

As we pause to reflect, we also look ahead with determination. The journey is far from over, and there's so much more we aim to achieve. With your continued support, we plan to release even more designs, support additional charities, and expand our range of sock styles further.

Our ultimate goal remains clear: to raise awareness and give back. In 2024, we're setting our sights on donating £1 Million to charity. Together, let's see what we can achieve, one step at a time. Here's to the journey so far and the exciting road ahead with Social Socks!


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