We are so proud to have planted 500 trees. This milestone would not have been possible without your help. So a BIG thank you!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, so we teamed up with Ecologi, who helps us plant a tree with every order. We also reduce our atmospheric CO2 levels by buying carbon credits to offset our carbon emissions as well. We have planted 509 trees and offset 5 tonnes of carbon to date. You can check our progress and what projects we have helped with here.


Planting a tree with every order does so much more than that. It enables the communities involved with jobs and provides them with financial security and a lifestyle they wouldn't have been able to have for their families, such as education and health care. And as the saplings grow and mature, they start to draw carbon which helps the environment and to combat climate change. 

Trees don’t just absorb carbon – they also produce oxygen. In fact, one tree can produce enough oxygen for four people! But they don’t just enrich the air we breathe. They also purify it. Trees also help to keep us cool, which is vital as we face the threat of global warming. They use a process called evapotranspiration to block radiation from the sun before it hits the ground. When the sun’s rays hit a tree’s canopy, they cause water to evaporate from the leaves, creating a cooling effect that can decrease local air temperatures by several degrees. Finally, like most living things, trees need water to survive. A large tree can consume 100 gallons in a single day. That means they help limit flooding from heavy rain, which is crucial, especially as severe weather is becoming more frequent due to global warming. 

Carbon Offsetting

And we also love hearing from our customers; the feedback has been fantastic! You love that the socks on your feet do good and that your money goes further than just buying a great pair of comfy socks. The ability to see where your tree has been planted and what projects it involves via our Ecologi profile is a much-talked-about feature. Whilst feeling reassured, you buy from a climate-conscious company with a strong focus on environmental issues. 

So thank you again. We can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish together. Creating a greener, fairer future for our future generations.


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