• About me

    Hello everyone, my name is Marc. I’m a husband and a father of two daughters. We currently live in the North East after living in the south of the UK for more than 30 years. I would describe myself as hardworking and ambitious. I’ve had many jobs over the years, ranging from stacking shelves, fitting granite kitchens, installing and fixing satellite and broadband, but none compares to the time I served in the British Army as a mechanic. I feel my time serving has helped give me all of my qualities today. It taught me discipline, respect, teamwork, punctuality, and that time is finite, so we should chase our dreams and aspire to be the best version of ourselves.

  • My hobbies and passions are football; for my sins, I'm an Arsenal supporter and a massive fan of Formula 1. I've been to Silverstone a few times and have a few tracks on my bucket list that I would like to visit, one of them being Las Vegas since it's been announced. Also, watching films is a big passion. I love a Marvel or DC film, or any superhero film to be honest! If there’s any time spare in my day, I enjoy going to the gym. Here's a fun fact in my younger days, I used to be the British Powerlifting champion for under 23s. Lastly, my guilty pleasure is trainers, and I love collecting Jordan 1s and Air Max 90s; I would say I would have over 40 pairs in my collection right now, and there's always more I have my eye on!

  • How Social Socks came about was through being a father to my daughters, seeing the crisis the world is in, and if we don’t act today, they won’t get to enjoy or even have the same opportunities as us. It’s alarming the amount of plastic waste that enters our oceans every year, the amount of deforestation that happens every day and sadly, the amount of endangered animals that are close to becoming extinct. So I wanted to create a way of giving back, making others aware and an opportunity to help. The reason for socks, well, I’m a massive trainer collector, and I always pick my outfits from the ground up, so with good trainers, you need good matching socks! Follow my journey and behind the scenes of Social Socks via my Instagram and LinkedIn.