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UK Climate Socks x Carma

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With each pair of socks sold, one tree will be planted by a veteran
in the UK by Carma.

Introducing our first-ever collaboration pair of socks with Carma!

We were inspired by the warming stripe graphics created by Professor Ed Hawkins of Reading University. They were created to start conversations about our warming world and the risks of climate change. Visit their website to explore more regions.

These dress socks depict how the temperature has changed from 1884-2021 across the United Kingdom. In recent years, our climate has become much warmer, so wear these socks to spark a conversation and help spread the message about climate change.

They are made from combed cotton and feature cushioned soles, arch support, and seamless toes providing comfort, durability and support. The combed cotton material provides softness and breathability for all-day wear, while the cushioned soles offer added comfort and shock absorption for your feet. The arch support helps to improve foot posture and alleviate pain, and the seamless toes prevent rubbing and chafing for a smooth, comfortable fit. 

These socks are designed to keep your feet comfortable and supported all day long. 

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Care Instructions

Always hand wash garments in cold water or on a delicate 30 degree cycle. Cold water is less likely to shrink your clothing or alter the colors.

We recommend hand washing your socks on a colder wash as this is better for the socks and the environment!